Unscented Charcoal Air Purifying Freshener Deodorizer Bag: Smoke Eliminator Odor Remover Moisture Absorber for Home Fridge and Car (1x250g Linen Bag) - B07BN8PHPG

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  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: One 8.8 ounce linen bag with a small thank-you card and user instruction, sealed in a plastic packing bag.

  • USE FOR: Effectively remove unpleasant odors, moisture, smoke, allergen, and harmful gases including formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and carbon monoxide by adsorption, not by masking. More effective than baking soda, more compact than bamboo charcoal. Great home warming gift.

  • INGREDIENTS: Nano Mineral Crystal Activated Carbon-- premium activated carbon with rich porous mineral adsorbents sepiolite, diatomite, bentonite, and attapulgite manufactured by patented technology. Nontoxic, chemical free, fragrance free, clean, all natural and eco-friendly.

  • HOW TO USE: Place the bag anywhere that needs air purifying, dehumidifying and preventing mold & mildew: in any room, cabinet, wardrobe, closet, kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage, vehicle or boat, refrigerator, diaper pail, pet area, gym bag, shoes, boots, and more. It works 24/7, operates silently, no electricity required.

  • EXTRA LONG LIFE SPAN: Effective for up to 3 years by rejuvenating the bag in sunlight for 3-5 hours monthly.

  • What is Nano Mineral Crystal Activated Carbon?

    Nano mineral crystal activated carbon is made of activated carbon with rich porous mineral adsorbents (sepiolite, diatomite, bentonite, and attapulgite), manufactured by patented technology.

    The product is in shape of tiny black mineral crystal balls in 2-3 mm diameter. Studying its microstructure, one can find that the mineral crystal has unique regular structure, containing large amount of nano-scale pores in size of 2.7Å-9.8Å. The micropores in such scale have strong adsorption ability for gas compounds of Amy grade and nanometer molecules. Especially, because the surface of the micropores is polar, it shows strong attraction to polar molecules. Thus the micropores can selectively adsorb polar molecules such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and other toxic and harmful non-polar substances including benzene and xylene as well. Furthermore, at temperature around 40-50 ℃ (104-122 ℉), the mineral crystal can be simply desorption and regeneration.

    In summary, for its excellent adsorption ability to polar molecules, its large surface area due to the nano size of micropores, and its relatively low desorption temperature, the nano mineral crystal activated carbon can be made into a sort of effective, reusable, and eco-friendly air purify material.

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    Unscented Charcoal Air Purifying Freshener Deodorizer Bag: Smoke Eliminator Odor Remover Moisture Absorber for Home Fridge and Car (1x250g Linen Bag) - B07BN8PHPG

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