TZUAIRGO Air Purifier LED Light Bulb(E27)- Negative Oxygen Ions Remove Odors Smoke and Dust Used for Table Lamp Wall Lamp Quiet Mini Air Purifier Ionizer for Small Room up to 107 Sq ft - B07DR9HKBH

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  • ✔LED Bulb(Warm White)& Air Purifier for small room, Effective Removal Tobacco Smoke & Odor, Airborne Bacteria, Allergens, Pollen, Harmful Dust, Pet Odors, neutralizes air dust and improves air quality in your room,can be used for Restaurant/Living Room/Bar KTV/Office/Toilet chandeliers, is a fun gift for the stuffy-nosed people in your life.Many people feel the incredible bulb in the toilet and smoking place.

  • ✔ Air ionizer capable of emitting up to 3 million negative ions per second more than salt lamp. thoroughly purify your air, can effectively remove particles below 0.01 microns. Comparing with the top HEPA filters also has little effect on particles below 0.3 microns. At the same time,No filters to buy, without any costly aintenance or any cleaning required

  • ✔Negative ions helps neutralize airborne bacteria, pet dander, mold & fungi,and also help people feel more energized, improve sleep, relieve fatigue, improve lung function and they help clean the air throughout the room. Does not produce any chemical odor, 100% does not contain ozone, and does not require a filter. Gravity will make the attached particle fall out of the air, usually on the ground. Then the next time the floor is swept or vacuumed they get removed.

  • ✔Energy-saving and environmental protection, 120V AC voltage, 3W, comparable to 30W incandescent lamp and other expensive Negative Ion Generator, enjoying health while saving your funds, can work long hours to ensure safety. No Noise brings you the most mute experience

  • ✔1 year warranty - Using advanced fireproof ABS material, No breakable parts, LED light bulbs have passed FCC CE's strict safety standard certification. Outstanding energy efficiency and long-lasting performance.

  • TZUAIRGO Air Purifier LED Bulb Bring You the Air In the Forest, and also Air of Love.

    The air at the beach, beside a waterfall, after a storm and in the mountains is said to contain tens of thousands of negative ions.
    In contrast, there are very low levels of negative ions at work and a home
    general scientific understanding suggests that negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which results in more mental energy, decreased drowsiness and higher mental alertness.
    Not everyone experiences the same level of benefit from breathing in negative ions, but for those that do it can make you feel very refreshed.

    It is a well-designed and manufactured,all for your health.

    ✔The Air Purifier Bulb produces 5 million negative ions per second and positively do so ozone free, can be used in the bedroom, kitchen, office, pet house, Bar KTV,Toilet
    ✔The positive effect negative ions have on the lung function has indisputably been verified.The lungs can increase oxygen absorption 20%, enhance immunity, prevent diseases.
    ✔Negative oxygen ions are easily absorbed by human skin and blood, and can improve blood quality, promote metabolism, allow you to enjoy the same air in the forest, seaside, waterfalls and other places
    ✔Negative oxygen ions boost mood and Keep people feeling happy and alert,while decreasing irritability and fatigue

    Color Temperature (K) : warm white 3000K
    Material: ABS
    Power Consumption: 3.0W
    Rated Voltage: AC 120V
    Light Bulb Base Code : E26/E27
    Noise Level: 0 dB
    Negative ion density:5 millions/cc
    Cooverage Area:107 sq ft

    Product Dimensions(In.):
    Bulb Diameter & Height (2.36 X 4.29)

    ✔ Multi funciton, bulb + Air purifier, can be used for anywhere
    ✔E27 base type, fits many lamp or light
    ✔Energy efficient, only 3 watts
    ✔Zero ozone,No filters
    ✔Newest design
    ✔ Obvious

    TZUAIRGO Air Purifier LED Light Bulb(E27)- Negative Oxygen Ions Remove Odors Smoke and Dust Used for Table Lamp Wall Lamp Quiet Mini Air Purifier Ionizer for Small Room up to 107 Sq ft - B07DR9HKBH

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