Surround Air Set of Two MT-8500 6-in-1 Ionic Air Purifier with True HEPA Germ-Killing UV Light and Negative Ion Generator - B07C1DV367

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  • Cleans the air in 6 ways, an air-cleaning technology for virtually every airborne indoor pollutant

  • Sensor technology with auto mode to adjust air Purification power according to level of pollution

  • True, professional-grade HEPA filter for dust/allergens & carbon filter for odors, chemicals, smoke

  • Ultra-violet lamp destroys viruses, germs, mold and bacteria making it a complete air cleaner system

  • Air ionizer emits purifying Negative ions & photo catalytic filter neutralizes odor, bacteria & VOCs

  • The Surround Air multi-tech 8500, 6-in-1 air purifier offers an air-purifying technology for virtually every airborne pollutant in your home. Along with a powerful fan and sensor technology, it is the most complete air cleaner you can buy. The professional-grade HEPA air filter is not like the average Hera in this category. It uses ultra fibrous and absorbent material to better capture dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, ragweed and other types of airborne allergens. For chemical vapors, odors and cigarette smoke, the MT-8500 also includes an activated carbon filter, generally considered the most effective filter type for these categories of pollutants. The washable pre-filter captures larger particles to enhance the lifespan and performance of the HEPA and carbon filters. Next in line, the photocatalytic oxidation filter produces hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions when combined with the Ultraviolet rays from the UV lamp. The photocatalytic filter effectively neutralizes strong odors, VOC's (volatile organic compounds - which are common household Lung irritants) and bacteria. The germicidal UV light destroys germs, viruses, bacteria, various types of mold and other micro-organisms that can cause illness. And finally, there is the air ionizer, or ion generator, which produces high densities of safe but effective negative ions, which attack pollutants where they like to hang out--floating around in the air that you breathe all day, every day. Negative ion air purification has been proven effective in a number of Government studies. Air ionization has also been found to enhance the effectiveness of filters. The multi-tech 8500 air purification system will also save you in energy costs and loud noise produced by other clean air machines. When set to auto mode, the pollutant sensors will measure the pollution level and adjust the fan speed according. So no wasted power usage or unnecessary noise.

    Surround Air Set of Two MT-8500 6-in-1 Ionic Air Purifier with True HEPA Germ-Killing UV Light and Negative Ion Generator - B07C1DV367

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