IONIC AIR PURIFIER HF210UV 500sq feet (XJ2100) Brand: Heaven Fresh - B001EPB3I8

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  • No Filters to Replace. Proven to be Safe & Effective.

  • Most Effective Way to Destroy Harmful Micro-Organisms. No air purification technology is more effective than a germicidal UV lamp when it comes to destroying germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi (such as mold), which can lead to illness.

  • Circulates air-cleaning negative ions. Found by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture to be 99% effective against airborne dust & particles.

  • Proven Performance - Nearly 100% Effective in.

  • No Replacement Costs. Just wipe off the metal collector grid. Saves you hundreds in replacement filters over the life of the unit.

  • Heaven Fresh Brand -Cleaning/Filters. Heaven Fresh Ionic Air Purifier XJ-2100UV

    A germicidal UV lamp to Destroy Harmful Micro-Organisms.
    Affordable for the entire house
    Advanced air-cleaning technology
    Silent, independently controlled booster fan
    No filters to replace
    Easy to clean

    Unmatched Ionic Power. Featuring an unprecedented 25 ionizing pins, a significant boost in ionic power over existing ionic air purifiers. Unlike heavily advertised ionic air purifiers, the

    XJ-2100 circulates air-cleaning negative ions throughout a room.

    99.5% Removal Rate of Particles in Chamber.

    No Filters to Replace. Just wipe off the metal plates, which attract pollutants like a magnet. The XJ-2100s collection plates are very easy to remove, clean and reinsert.

    Increased Air Flow. An independently-controlled fan has been added, since increased air circulation results in increased air-cleaning efficiency.

    Whisper Quiet. The XJ-2100 is extremely quiet, especially if the fan is turned off. Even when the fan is on though, it is still very quiet.

    Highly Durable. Advanced materials and circuitry design promise to make the XJ-2100 the most durable air ionizer yet.

    Energy Efficient. Despite the added ionic power, the XJ-2100 uses just 8 watts of electricity, costing just pennies a day to operate.

    Use in Home or Vehicle. The XJ-2100 can be plugged into the wall outlets in your home, and also comes with an adapter for use in the vehicle, so you can enjoy purified air wherever you go.

    No Risk. 3-Year Warranty, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

    Compact. Place it on a bookshelf or just about anywhere else. Click here for more information: Manufacturer’s Website

    IONIC AIR PURIFIER HF210UV 500sq feet (XJ2100) Brand: Heaven Fresh - B001EPB3I8

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