wiseorbent 8000Pcs/CT 1G/Pc Food Grade Safe Silica Gel - B07BP4TDY4

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  • Wise can desiccant capsule is a generic term for a class of desiccant products. It contains premium quality silica gel desiccant material as an main adsorbent It adopts a shell and porous paper as its packing material and the adsorbent that absorbs water vapor works as a raw material, with a roll - edge seal mode for packaging. The utility model can be combined with a packing container to save space. The utility model can be embedded into the bottle-shaped container thereby avoiding the problem that the traditional bag and bag desiccant occupies packing space and therefore delivery complexity, etc. Also, it is a very safe and convenient desiccant product.

    wiseorbent 8000Pcs/CT 1G/Pc Food Grade Safe Silica Gel - B07BP4TDY4

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